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    Gear up now for a great season! Don’t miss out on limited-time savings on the Scag V-Ride II zero-turn stand-on mower.

  • Are You Waiting To Hop On A V-Ride II?

    Incredibly agile, unbelievably comfortable,  impressively productive – this is the scag V-Ride II. Accessories  Fabric Bag Grass Catcher GC-F4 The Scag Fabric Bag Grass Catcher features a 4-cubic-foot capacity and is lightweight for easy dumping. Chrome Wheel Covers 12″ chrome wheel covers will add 2MPH to your Scag mower….ok, maybe not. But they look awesome! […]

  • New SCAG V-Ride II- Re-Engineered and Better Than Ever

    PRODUCT VIDEO  PRODUCT IMAGES  LOW STANCE FOR EXCELLENT HANDLING The V-Ride II is incredibly stable and precise. Get in and out of tight spaces fast. COIL-SUSPENSION OPERATOR PLATFORM Delivers an unmatched, ultra-comfortable ride. Tie-down points built in to quickly secure to a trailer. CUTTER DECK LIFT SYSTEM Cutter deck can be lifted and locked into […]

  • SCAG V-Ride II

    Re-Engineered and Better Than Ever! Sure, it’s still easy to operate, still ready to conquer any terrain, and still built to last. But the new V-Ride™ II’s exceptional results, even greater stability and unmatched comfort leave no doubt: It’s a whole new ballgame. Learn more about the Scag V-Ride II: http://www.scag.com/vrideII.html Contact Oakboro Tractor Group […]