Husqvarna launches new generation 70cc chainsaws

The wait is nearly over. The 572XP® will launch in the U.S. in Q1 2019. Conquer all conditions using the next legendary Husqvarna chainsaw with a 12% higher cutting capacity, excellent cooling and heavy-duty filtration. Designed and built from scratch on the same grounds in Sweden where our chainsaw history began.

The objective of the new generation, headed by the 572 XP®, is to deliver chainsaws with outstanding productivity, durability and reliability, while at the same time, true to Husqvarna’s heritage, provide high ergonomics and safety.
The next generation is built from scratch on a new platform, which will be the new foundation for professional chainsaws going forward. These chainsaws are manufactured on the same grounds in Sweden where Husqvarna chainsaw history began in 1959.

The development of the new platform has benefitted from digitalization, as Husqvarna has further employed new technical solutions such as sensor-based data collection and digital prototyping. Digital prototyping enables highly accurate stress analysis to optimise chainsaw design, while sensors were placed on the chainsaws in field tests to collect data on usage statistics.

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