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Lawn-care specialists have long regarded KOHLER commercial engines as the finest the small engine industry has to offer. With their long-lasting utility designs, fuel efficiency and easy maintenance, these engines serve to make any lawn-care professionals job easier. KOHLER commercial engines have among the best fuel efficiency in the business, and an optional electronic fuel injection system makes them even better.

Many of the leading manufacturers of outdoor power equipment trust KOHLER engines to put the muscle in their machines. These engines are designed to require minimum maintenance because KOHLER knows you have more important things to do with your time and money.

KOHLER took the environmental lead for utility engine manufacturers by meeting strict exhaust emission standards before they were mandated by regulatory agencies. Today, all KOHLER engines comply with current CARB and EPA exhaust emission regulations. Always ahead of the curve, KOHLER engines provide you with peace of mind by using the latest and cleanest technology to care for our environment.

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Oakboro Tractor Group

Oakboro Tractor Group Joel Thomas, CEO Oakboro Tractor was founded in 1992 by Mr. Joel D. Thomas. We started out in a small building with a $5000 investment and a few farm implements. Now 20 years later we have 4 locations serving customers throughout the Southeast. We are a one stop shop for all of your agricultural and landscaping needs. We take pride in serving our customers American made products to include Mahindra and Husqvarna tractors and Exmark power equipment – which have been very successful. We are thankful for our customers and partnerships and look forward to expanding our locations in 2014.