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  • Ready for any challenge. STIHL battery power.

    Battery technology offers many advantages and is becoming increasingly popular as a result. Lithium-ion batteries are no longer just used in smartphones and laptops; components are now being used to supply power in cars and aeroplanes as well. STIHL offers customers’ products based on the same technology, and which also facilitate quiet, emissions-free working. The […]

  • Add a Finishing Touch – STIHL Battery Products

    Achieving a well-manicured lawn is simple with STIHL battery-powered trimmers. With a lightweight design, easy-on trigger and nearly maintenance-free design, dare we say that battery power makes yard work fun? Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional, you can appreciate the power and convenience of STIHL battery-powered trimmers. They’re lightweight, quiet and start instantly. There’s […]

  • Tackle a Stack of Firewood – STIHL

    Battery-powered chainsaws that deliver strong performance STIHL battery-powered chainsaws bring the best of both worlds to your property. First, they deliver strong, consistent power thanks to their 36-volt Lithium-Ion technology. They’re also significantly quieter than gasoline-powered chainsaws and start instantly with the squeeze of a trigger. It’s big performance in a small, cordless package. Batteries […]

  • Discover the STIHL Lightning Battery System®

    The STIHL Lightning Battery System® puts the power of STIHL in a battery. Discover the STIHL line of battery-powered equipment including trimmers, chainsaws, blowers, and more! Whether you need more power and longer run times for a wide range of properties or something ideal for smaller yards and condominiums, STIHL has the power to help […]

  • Maximum cordless performance for professional applications

    STIHL cordless power doesn’t just allow emissions-free working in your own garden. The PRO cordless power system offers professionals a whole range of products for all-day use, including professional gardening and landscaping. In order to gain an insight into the daily routine of these types of professionals and their cordless power tools, we met with […]

  • Why the STIHL Lightning Battery System™ Changes Everything

    This Is How the Future Starts Times have changed – and so have batteries. They’re not just AAs anymore. They’re bringing their A Game, powering smartphones, laptops and even entire cars. And when it comes to battery-powered equipment, STIHL is at the forefront of the revolution. The STIHL Lightning Battery System™ pushes battery technology to […]

  • What You Can Do on a Single Charge of the HSA 56

    Discover what you can accomplish with a single battery charge and the STIHL HSA 56 Hedge Trimmer with the AK 10 battery. Turns out you can trim 918 linear feet— that’s the length of three football fields. What can you do on a single charge? The STIHL Lightning Battery System™ is available in three tiers […]